Writing about our journey has been an emotional one. It has taken me a while to me to put up a full website since we started trading. I started my jewellery business out of pure passion and love for all things beautiful and intricately made with attention to detail. I am self-taught jeweller and I believe jewellery is this one little thing the can make you feel unique.

Our brand name Nine-Twenty-Five is coined out of the amount of pure silver used to make sterling silver jewellery. The industry standard is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, I opened the business with only Sterling Silver stock and we have diversified since but I love the name and it tells our story so it has stayed. I believe when you wear any jewellery it must have a story. It’s not a complicated story it could be because – you are drawn to it be it for the colour, texture, what it’s made from, how you feel when you wear it, how it compliments your personality, your outfit or yes because your skin accepts it. (Yes some people react to certain metals so your skin can tell you what you should wear- interesting isn’t it).

With that being said I source beads from all parts of the World but mainly from Ghana. Most of our pieces are made from recycled glass, freshwater pearls, brass, rich Ghanaian Gold, Sterling Silver, Crystals, Gemstones, and my all-time favourite African Trade beads. Trade beads have a history all on its own (which I will tell at a later date).

When you are wearing a 9twenty5 piece regardless of the price I want you to know that it was made with care and love. This is the core reason I do what I do and I work really hard to ensure my client are truly happy at all times.

Going through our website I hope you will find that one treasure that you want to keep for yourself or to give to a dear one. I have designed all pieces myself and I work with an amazing team who had no prior knowledge of beading and we have all learnt along the way to give you stunning pieces. I have also a team of awesome craftsmen who bring to life metals in breathtaking keepsakes.I hope you love our website and if you do have the opportunity to visit our store it a hidden treasure chest in itself. My workshop located within our shop is filled with colourful beads which wants to come home with you.

I hope you like our website and find it easy to navigate it was designed by my awesome brother – my biggest cheerleader.

Thank you
Lyssa E Hayford